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A Message From Our General Manager…


By Christopher Chang

Dear Quantum Allergy Canada Clients, Quantum Allergy Canada appreciates all the business you’ve provided us and it has helped us grow into one of the leading independently owned allergy companies in Canada! We have attached a short personal letter written by our General Manager, thanking you for allowing us to be your main allergy immunotherapy … Continue reading "A Message From Our General Manager…"

March Break is Finally Here!

MARCH 9TH, 2018

By Christopher Chang

March Break is Finally Here! It’s finally that time of the year when a lot of us Canadians can finally get the chance to escape to some warmer climate places and away from our cold winters!  Food allergies tend to get overlooked when planning a family vacation.  If you are travelling and have food allergies, … Continue reading "March Break is Finally Here!"

Food Allergies During the Holidays


By Christopher Chang

Food Allergy During the Holidays Most would agree that one of the best things about celebrating any holiday or life event, such as Christmas, birthday and anniversary parties, aside from the socializing, is the food. There is often a large amount of food and drink choices at family or corporate parties and dinners, and unfortunately … Continue reading "Food Allergies During the Holidays"