How long does it take to finish 1 bottle for SLIT?

It takes approximately 1 month to finish 1 bottle if the dosage is 4 drops per day.

How long will it take to receive my shipment of allergy serum?

It will take approximately 1 week for SLIT and 2 weeks for SCIT from the time we receive the order.

How much of an improvement will I have from my allergy symptoms?

Everyone is different, however, the average improvement after a full duration of allergy immunotherapy is approximately 80% to the point where the patient can live their lives without the need for antihistamines.

What are the negative side effects that may occur with SLIT?

Negative side effects are generally mild and rare with SLIT.  Common side effects will include; itchy tongue, swollen tongue, swollen/itchy mouth and rashes.

How do we store our SLIT bottles?

SLIT is very stable and can handle a variety of temperatures.  The recommended storage of SLIT should be in the fridge as a safety precaution, however, it is also suitable to store at room temperature.

How long do I need to be on allergy immunotherapy to maximize its effects?

The typical duration of allergy immunotherapy should be 3-5 years to achieve its maximum effect.