We are very happy with the services from Quantum Allergy Canada!  Your Customer Service is very friendly, the prices are much cheaper and we receive them extremely fast!  It doesn’t make sense not to use your company for allergy treatment!

Pharmacist at Latoria Pharmacy IDA

Victoria, BC

Thank you so much for providing our clinic with such professional products and services.  Quantum Allergy Canada is consistently incredible to work with!

Unnamed Allergist

Burlington, Ontario

So far this year SIT prescriptions, pharmacy ordering, delivery of the drops and patient improvement have gone very well.  The improvements you’ve made to pricing (which dramatically improves access for patients without prescription drug coverage) and turn-around times are very much appreciated.  Well done!

Dr. Jamie De Melo- Acacia Health

Victoria, BC

I just spoke to another patient who told me that he contacted you for serum and he was very happy… quicker turnaround time and better prices! That’s so good to hear! Thanks for providing great customer service to our patients!

(Unnamed Medical Clinic)


The products that Quantum Allergy Canada provides to my clinic are very good!  Over 90% of my patients are responding very well to the treatment.  Thank you so much!

Dr. Helen Zhang

Toronto, Ontario

“My patients are extremely happy with your products and customer service! You guys are so pleasant to talk to and the turnaround times are so fast!  SLIT is a very effective allergy treatment- all my patients (especially my sensitive patients) are raving about how much better they are feeling now!  Keep up the good work!

Dr. Marianne Trevorrow

Calgary, Alberta

We order our serums directly from the manufacturer Quantum Allergy Canada. Our medical staff and our patients have found the Quantum Allergy staff to be knowledgeable, professional, and exceptionally courteous and although all serums are patient-specific; their delivery time is very fast! All of us at the clinic, and all our patients are very happy with your products and services.

(Unnamed Medical Clinic)


We have been purchasing desensitization formulas from Quantum Allergy Canada since 2013. Clients at our allergy clinic are VERY happy with the results from using Quantum’s SCIT products, and we really appreciate the speedy manufacture and delivery of serums directly to our clients. Compared to other similar companies, I highly recommend Quantum Allergy Canada for their high quality products and outstanding customer service.

Dr. Azhar Bishay, M.B.B.C.H.,F.R.C.P(C)

Toronto, ON