Working Together to Support our Hospital in Fighting COVID-19

It’s been a difficult time for many of us during the COVID-19 pandemic. For companies that remain open for essential services such as our company, we try to do the most we can to continue to provide our clients with our allergy immunotherapy products. During this time, we understand that doctors and nurses as well as other medical support staff at hospitals are working around the clock to help save lives as well as risking their very own lives in the process. For this, we are forever grateful to all medical staff for their continued service through such devastating circumstances. Southlake Regional Health Centre is our friendly neighbour, so we see first hand all medical staff travelling back and forth from the hospital. Here at Quantum Allergy Canada, we feel it is also our duty to try to provide as much assistance as possible to support Southlake, which is why we donated surgical masks to the hospital. As the saying goes, “our children are our future”, we decided to allocate our surgical masks to the pediatric department.

Thank you again to all medical staff at Southlake Regional Health Centre and to all medical staff across the world for your continued efforts in fighting COVID-19.